"Almost Like Being in Love" from BRIGADOON 

at The Goodman with Jennie Sophia.

"Unlike Anyone I've Ever Known" SECONDHAND LIONS

5th Avenue Theater Spotlight Night, by Zachary/Weiner 

"You Have Brought Me Love" from SECONDHAND LIONS

5th Avenue Theater with Jenny Powers, by Zachary/Weiner 

"Until Tomorrow" TALE OF TWO CITIES Broadway. 

Promotional Video.

"Brother Can You Spare A Dime" at the Metropolitan Room. "Fred Barton Presents! And Thinks You're Gonna Love It!"

"Witchcraft" with The Fred Barton Orchestra. 

"American Showstoppers" at Michael Schimmel Center in New York

"Pirate King" THE PIRATES OF PENZANCE - Marriott Theater 

  Jeff Award Nomination

Then We Got HELP! Season 2 Opener with Jessica Rush and Creator of this Award Winning Web Series Julie Ann Emery.